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General Overview

Who is Koroid, and what do they do? Learn about The company, the educational platform, and all of the unique user types...

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Getting Started

Welcome new users! Learn everything from logging into Koroid, to managing your account, to editing your personal information and more...

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Learn how to manage departments, edit current / add new departments, set parameters for department fields in forms, and more...

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Staffing made easy; bulk uploads, CSV exports, and user options. View geocost centers, timesheets, payment history, and department history...

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Profile overview tutorials, with how- to explanations for password changes, email notification settings, and user assistance protocols...

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My Inbox

In-app conversations make this your one-stop repository for all work related content. Learn about these functions for each user type...

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Request Forms

Learn all about Request Forms; how to fill them out properly, and how to use the submitted forms to schedule upcoming shifts...

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Availability Forms

Learn all about Availability Forms; how to properly submit them, and how to process completed forms from workers to schedule shifts...

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Support Tickets

Got questions? Do things not seem to be functioning properly? Learn how our Support Ticket feature can assist you to getting answers...

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Curious about Koroid features? You aren’t alone! We offer a wide array of user tools to maximize your efficiency; explore top rated, most viewed, and new tutorials that are helping users take full advantage of Koroid.

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