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General Overview

Who is Koroid, and what do they do? Learn about The company, the educational platform, and all of the unique user types...

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The landing page within the Koroid app. Information provided varies based on user role. Admins will see analytics and get an overview of their staff pool, while Managers and Employees will see a calendar view of their current schedule.

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Employee Calendar

Learn how to respond to shift offers, view assigned shifts, request a shift cancellation, review weekly work schedules, and more...

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Individuals that work within the hospital Location(s). One individual may be approved to work at multiple Locations, and may belong to multiple Staff Groups within each of those Locations.

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Section of the Profile indicating the ranges of days and times when an individual user is free to fill open shifts. This data matches employees to open shifts.

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Learn all about scheduling; how to request a shift, query users for their shifts, offer and assign shifts, and respond to cancellation requests.

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Specific location within an organizations

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Learn how to manage departments, edit current / add new departments, set parameters for department fields in forms, and more...

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Staff Groups

A collection of Employees that fulfill specific job functions. Staff Groups are associated with specific hospital Locations.

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Profile overview tutorials, with how- to explanations for password changes, email notification settings, and user assistance protocols...

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