The Credentials section allows you to track specialties and licenses for Staff members. These fields can be linked to particular Staff Groups and Staffing Demands to ensure that the most qualified Staff are assigned where they are needed.

Note: This page refers to managing Credentials for an entire Location. Follow these links to learn about assigning Credentials to Staff or Managers, or creating Staff Groups and Shifts with associated Credentials.

Add a Credential

Navigate to the settings panel on an Owner account and select Credentials from the left sided bar menu. Click on the + symbol.

Enter a Name and select whether the Credential is an official license (eg. RN, LPN, PA) or a specialty/skill (eg. Spanish Speaker). You can create as many Credentials as you like.

Click SAVE CREDENTIALS to save any new Credentials.

Edit a Credential

Click on Credential you’d like to edit and enter your changes

You must select SAVE CREDENTIALS to save any changes.

Delete a Credential

Select the red minus symbol beside the Credential you want to delete.

A box will appear asking you to confirm this decision. To proceed, click CONFIRM.

Note: Deleting a Credential will remove that data from all places it is currently in use.

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