Custom Fields

Custom Fields are additional sections that are added to Staff Groups, Departments, or User Profiles in Koroid. These fields can be used to track and manage information specific to an Organization's needs.

Note: Custom Fields can only be created by Owners in Koroid.

Add a Custom Field

Navigate to the settings panel on an Owner account and select Custom Fields from the left sided bar menu. Click on the + symbol.

Enter a Name and select the area where you'd like the Custom Field to display. You can add as many Custom Fields as you like.

Click SAVE CUSTOM FIELDS to save any new Custom Fields.

Edit an Existing Custom Field

Click on field you'd like to edit and enter your changes

You must select SAVE CUSTOM FIELDS to save any changes.

Delete a Custom Field

Click on the red minus symbol beside the custom field you want to delete.

A box will appear asking you to confirm. To proceed, click DELETE.

Note: Deleting a Custom Field will remove that data from all places it is currently in use.

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