Koroid Dashboard Overview

Note: The appearance of your Dashboard page is based on your User Role.

For Owners & Admins

The Dashboard is an actionable landing page giving you an overview of your Locations and Departments in Koroid. It displays two core metrics to help track efficiency across your organization:

  • Total Shifts & Percent Filled
  • Total Offers & Response Rate

Specific data for Shifts and Offers, by day or Location, can be seen when hovering over the bar graph and percentage gauge.

The date range for the current data is noted in the upper left corner of the dashboard. You can change the date range with the buttons: This Week, Next Week, This Month, Next Month.

You can use the ‘Sort By‘ menu to sort the order/ appearance of the Locations by different parameters including; Filled Shifts, Response Rate, Name.

To view the data of the Departments within an individual Location, select VIEW DEPARTMENTS beside the name of the Location.

To go back to all Locations view, select VIEW LOCATIONS.

For Managers & Staff

Managers: On the Dashboard you can see the current date, the Pending shift count, recent user logins, and all weekly shifts.

Staff: On the Dashboard page you can see the current date on the left side and a diagram of your weekly shifts on the right side.

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