Employment Types

Employment Types refer to the employment status options for your Staff. You can use this setting to manage various employment agreements.

Note: Employment Types can only be managed by Owners in Koroid.

Note: Full-Time and Part-Time are default Employment Types and cannot be removed (their Max Hours can be changed).

Adding a New Employment Type

Navigate to the settings panel on an Owner account and select the dropdown menu for Employment Types. Click on the + symbol to add new Employment Types.

Enter a Name and the Max Hours Per Week allowed for that Employment Type. Click SAVE EMPLOYMENT TYPES to save.

Edit Existing Employment Types

Select the name or max hours you wish to change. After editing click SAVE EMPLOYMENT TYPES to save the changes.

Deleting an Employment Type

Click on the red minus symbol beside the Employment Type you want to delete.

You will be asked to confirm your decision. Click DELETE to proceed.

Note: If there are employees assigned to the employment type you want to delete you must remove them before deletion is enabled.

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