Koroid Glossary

These are the definitions we use for the terminology in Koroid. If you don't see a term here, or are confused by something, please let us know.


  • Role for person(s) overseeing Location(s). Able to create and maintain users in roles of Manager and Staff.

Assign Shift

  • Adds a Shift to a Staff member's Shift Calendar. Only allowed when Staff member's Availability aligns with the Shift specifics.


  • Section of Profile page where Staff create blocks of time during which they prefer to work. Shifts that align with Staff availability can be assigned directly.

Cancellation Request

  • Staff assigned to a shift can request removal. These requests are subject to approval by a Manager.


  • Skills or qualifications used to manage shift requirements when scheduling.


  • The Koroid Web App landing page. Widgets will display pertinent information depending on your User Role.


  • Area of specialist care inside a hospital or clinic.

Employment Type

  • Indicates the hours per week that Staff are approved to work.

Job Title

  • Designations within Staff Groups to assign individual responsibilities. Often tied to particular Staff credentials.


  • An individual site, owned and operated by an Organization.


  • Role for person(s) creating and maintaining schedules for Departments and Staff Groups. Have access to editing and creating Staff.


  • A group that oversees multiple Locations.


  • Role designating the highest permission access and authority within Koroid. Able to create and maintain users in roles of Administrator, Manager, and Staff.


  • Settings that determine access to certain Koroid features.


  • Page that displays contact and work information.


  • Feature available to Manager for creating, assigning, and offering shifts at a chosen Location.


  • A scheduled period of work. Created for a specific date, time and Location.

Shift Calendar

  • View provided to Staff of their personal schedule.

Shift Offer

  • An invitation to fill an open shift that falls outside of a user's Availability.

Shift Request

  • The feature Managers use to add a Shift to the Schedule.


  • Shift workers within an Organization. Assigned to one or more Locations and have the most limited permissions.

Staff Group

  • A collection of Staff that share a job function. These can be further distinguished using Credentials.

Staffing Demand

  • A Koroid feature that allows Managers to create and fill recurring schedules.

User Roles

  • A designation that automatically limits permissions and access in Koroid.

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