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Organization Over-arching concern. An Organization may have multiple Hospital Group.
Hospital Group The over-arching hospital organization. A hospital group may have multiple Locations.
Location A organizational sub-unit based on geography.
Department Sub-units/wards within a specific hospital Location, based on specialization. Each Department may have a unique fields set in Organization Settings.
Staff Group A collection of Employees that fulfill specific job functions. Staff Groups are associated with specific hospital Locations.
Job Title A role within a Staff Group corresponding to an individual’s area of responsibility. Job Titles are generally associated with specific Requirements.
Requirements Toggled within the settings of a Staff Group that indicates requirements for Users to be matched to an available Shift. Requirements are specific to a Location
Users Individuals that work within the hospital Location(s). One individual may be approved to work at multiple Locations, and may belong to multiple Staff Groups within each of those Locations.
User Role An individual Staff member’s level within the organizational hierarchy, based on management and reporting structure. Can be one of; Admin, Manager, or Employee.
Staff Type An indication of how much time an individual Staff member is approved to work within the organization. Likely has implications for Availability, as well as billing.
Shift Times Standardized groupings of working hours, set by Location.
Profile A page within the Koroid app where Admin/Manager users can edit their own personal information. Employees can not edit their own profiles.
Availability Section of the Profile indicating the ranges of days and times when an individual user is free to fill open shifts. This data matches employees to open shifts.
Shift A specific duration of work that needs to be completed at a pre-determined date, time, and location.
Shift Status Indicates a shift’s current standing. A shift may be Filled or Open
Shift Offer An invitation to fill an open shift that falls outside of a user’s standard working hours. Shift Offers can be sent to users who have ‘Available outside of working hours’ toggled on within their Availability
Requests Page A feature that allows users to manage all of their team’s scheduling needs. Users with the role of Admin or Manager can view filled shifts, assign users to open shifts, send shift offers, and approve or reject shift cancellation requests.
Request Form A form created and submitted by an Admin or Manager indicating that there are Shifts that need to be filled.
Dashboard The landing page within the Koroid app. Information provided varies based on user role. Admins will see analytics and get an overview of their staff pool, while Managers and Employees will see a calendar view of their current schedule.
Notifications Text, Email, or in-app notifications that present information to the user(s).

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