Manage Departments

Departments are linked to Locations, so make sure you have selected the correct Location before adding or editing Departments.

Note: Only Administrators and Owners can add or edit Departments.

Create a New Department

To add a new department to your location, click on ADD DEPARTMENT.

Begin by naming the new department and entering the necessary contact information. Select one or multiple Staff Groups that are authorized to work in the new department. Any Custom Fields added by an Owner will show up here and allow you to provide additional detail about the Department. Click SAVE DEPARTMENT to save your new Department.

A notification bar will confirm its creation.

Edit Existing Departments

To edit a Department, click on the pencil icon beside the Department you want to edit. You can update contact information, authorized Staff Groups and Custom Fields.

To save any changes click UPDATE DEPARTMENT.

A notification bar will confirm your changes.

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manage departments
add department
edit department

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