On Web

View your notifications by selecting the bell icon in the upper right corner of any page. The dropdown will show your 5 most recent, unread notifications.

Selecting a notification from the dropdown menu will take you to the Shifts page to display the shift details and options.

Selecting VIEW ALL will bring you to a table with all of your notifications. From the notifications table you will have access to the notification settings that allow you to toggle your alerts via email, text, or push.

Note: Above the notifications table is a toggle to show only unread notifications.

Select the red trash icon beside a notification to delete it.

On Mobile

View your notifications by selecting the Notifications page from the navigation bar. The page will show your 10 most recent notifications. Select LOAD MORE at the bottom of the screen to view older notifications.

Selecting a notification will present the shift details and relevant options.

Access the notification settings via the gear icon in the upper right corner. There you can toggle your alerts via email, text, or push.

Koroid delivers relevant notifications based on your User Role.

Owner notifications: None

Administrator notifications: Shift Cancelations

Manager notifications: Open Shift (Urgent), Open Shift Offer (No Response), Shift Offer accepted, Shift Offer rejected, Shift Cancelation request, Shift Filled, Shift Cancelation request rejected, Shift Cancelation request accepted

Staff notifications: Shift Cancellation Declined, Shift Canceled, Shift Assigned, Open Shift Offer, Shift Available, Weekly Schedule(Email)

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