Using the Reporting page you can create summary tables of historical Shift Data. Providing reporting helps your organization make better and more informed decisions about staffing. Our goal is to help inform smarter staffing decisions. Owners automatically have the permission to run all reports. Admins have the permission on by default however this permission can be toggled off.

How to run a report?

To run a New Report navigate to the Reports page from the left side menu. Click on NEW REPORT button in the upper right corner and select the Report Type from the drop down menu. Begin by selecting Report Filters or use a Preset. Click NEXT button in the lower right corner and Select the Report Data by marking the check box in front of the wanted field or check Select All for all data in report. Click NEXT button in the lower right corner and Select the Data Range. You can select a CUSTOM data range or select a certain DAY, WEEK or MONTH. Click GENERATE to create your report.

Reviewing past reports - All of your generated/past reports are listed on the main Report page under ALL REPORTS. Selecting any report will bring you back into the original report as it was initially generated. To go back to ALL REPORTS page click on REPORTS button in the lower left corner. To save a report as a preset click on the OPTIONS button in the upper right corner and select Save as Preset.

Select the red trash icon beside a report to delete it.

What is a preset and how do I use them?

Presets are previous saved reports regarding the Report Filters/Report Type and the Report Data. They are listed under REPORT PRESETS on the main reporting page. Presets help you to generate consistent reports based on the same set of parameters. To use a Preset you can either select it from your list of saved presets in the first step of creating a NEW REPORT or use the QUICK REPORT button. The QUICK REPORT button will ask you to select a date range before generating a New Report based on that Preset.

To Edit a Preset, click on the pencil icon beside the Preset you want to edit. You can update Report Details and Report Data. To save any changes click on SAVE . A notification bar will confirm your changes.

Select the red trash icon beside a preset to delete it.

Types of Reports

  • Shift offers
  • Shift details
  • Availability

Category: Reports


historical data
summary tables

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