Respond to Shift Offers

Shift Offers are invitations to fill any open shifts that falls outside of your provided Availability. You can choose to Accept or Reject a Shift Offer at your discretion.

Note: Shift Offers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you accept a Shift Offer you will receive an additional notification that you have been assigned to the Shift.

Note: If a Shift Offer has already been claimed, you will get a notification that the offer has expired when you respond to it.

There are multiple ways to respond to a Shift Offer:

Shift Calendar in Web App

Locate the Shift Offer in your Shift Calendar. Selecting the shift will display the shift details.

You can then choose to ACCEPT or REJECT the Shift Offer.

Notifications in Web App

Select the Shift Offer from your notification menu to display the shift details.

You can then choose to ACCEPT or REJECT the Shift Offer.

Text Message

When SMS notifications are turned on, Shift Offers will also be sent to users via the phone number provided in their Profile.

Shift Offers sent this way will include an assignment code. To accept or reject a Shift Offer, using the code provided, reply with:

Accept + [CODE] or Reject + [CODE]

Mobile App

On the mobile app you can view the necessary shift details two ways:

  • You can find the shift in the Offered menu on the Shifts page, or
  • Select the notification for the shift offer on the Notifications page.

At the bottom of the shift details you will have the option to Accept or Reject the offer.

Accepted shifts become assigned and will appear on your Shift Calendar.

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