Review Shift Details

Using the Koroid Web App

To see a shift's details find the shift in your Shift Calendar or in your notifications menu. Once you select the shift you will get a pop-up with all related information.

The Shift Details will always include the Start and End Time as well as Location, Department, Staff Group and Job Title.

From here you can Request a Shift Cancelation or Respond to a Shift Offer.

Note: All shift times are displayed in the timezone of the shift's Location.

Using the Koroid Mobile App

Select the Shifts tab from the navigation menu along the bottom.

The calendar will indicate any Shifts with a blue dot below the date. Each shift will also be listed in the drawer below the calendar. Selecting a shift in the drawer will display that shift's details.

For each month you can view a list of Assigned Shifts or Shift Offers you've received.

Selecting a date on the calendar will automatically scroll to the calendar details for that date.

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