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Create a Shift Request

To create a Shift Request navigate to Schedules from the sidebar menu and select SHIFT REQUEST.

Begin by choosing the Staff Group and Department. Then enter the relevant date and time information. You may select a reason for the Shift Request as well.

You must add Job Titles that will need to be assigned to the shift. Each Job Title must include a number for how many users will be needed for the shift and may include any required Credentials (eg. RN, LPN, Fluent Spanish Speaker).

Once you've filled out the Shift Request form select CREATE to save it.

Note: When viewing a Shift Request, Koroid will automatically display all Staff that qualify. Staff with matching Availability can be directly assigned, while Staff without matching Availability can be offered the Shift.

Note: Shift Requests will display on the Schedules Page in orange until they are assigned or a shift offer is accepted. Once assigned or accepted they will display as green.

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