Staffing Demand

The Staffing Demand page allows you to create repeating Shift Groups that are automatically added to the Schedule on the chosen interval.

Shift Groups are linked to individual Locations. To create a Shift Group for another location you must change your Location.

Use the drop down options at the top of the page to filter the Shift Groups for the current location. Shift Groups can be toggled between Active (green) and Inactive (red) independently.

Once a Shift Group is active, it will repeat at each interval until it is deactivated.

Create a New Shift Group

To add a new Shift Group to the Staffing Demand, click on NEW SHIFT GROUP in the upper right corner.

Enter the necessary Shift Details and the repetition frequency of this Shift Group. Click on the CREATE button

On the following screen complete the new Shift Group by entering Job Titles, Credentials and Staff needs for each day of the week. Then click the SAVE button.

When saving, you can choose to immediately activate the created Shift Group by selecting ACTIVATE & SAVE or you can choose to SAVE and activate the Shift Group later.

Edit or Deactivate Shift Groups

Select the Shift Group you'd like to edit and enter any changes before you SAVE. Any edits to a Shift Group will only take effect on the next run date.

To Deactivate a Shift Group, select the one you'd like to Deactivate and click on the red DEACTIVATE button.

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staffing demand

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