Current Timezone & Selection

In the top right corner, you will see the Current Timezone next to your Current Location, from any screen. All time associated parameters including Shifts and Availability will be displayed in your current time zone.

The Timezone Picker is responsible for setting your current timezone property and will control all dates/times within your users view.

Note: The “!” symbol in orange circle displayed on your current Timezone signifies that the selected Timezone does not match the Current location!

To change your current Timezone click on the Timezone value. Select the Timezone you'd like the time to be displayed in, and click CHANGE.

You are only able to view Timezones that correspond to the Locations you are assigned or administer. When creating a new user, their timezone gets pre-selected with the timezone of their current location.

Note: If for any reason there is no timezone selected, the first timezone from the user’s timezone list is automatically selected.

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