User Roles

User Roles are assigned when adding a new user, or editing a current one.

Each role has certain Permissions that determine the level of access to Koroid's features.

Koroid's User Roles help establish an employee hierarchy, helping you create and organize your team with ease.


The Owner role is assigned to the person that creates and owns the primary Koroid account. They are responsible for initial setup, creating Locations and Administrators. This person has access to all of Koroid but receives no notifications.

  • Person in this role: IT Manager, Head of Operations, Health Service Manager
  • Can add/edit all user roles, add Locations for the Organization, and manage Organization wide settings


An Administrator is someone that oversees an entire Location. They are in charge of establishing the user base and structure for their Location. They can do this with Departments, Staff Groups, Credentials, and other Koroid features. These people will use Koroid most often for reporting and tracking purposes.

  • People in this role: Dean of Medicine, Head of Human Resources
  • Can add/edit Managers and Staff, create Staff Groups and Departments


The Manager role is for people in charge of scheduling and managing a Staff Group or Department. The Manager has access to edit and create new Staff profiles. They are essential in making and maintaining Schedules using Koroid.

  • People in this role: Head of Surgery, Lead Nurse, Chief Resident
  • Can add/edit Staff, create Shift Requests, and manage Schedules


The Staff role belongs to all shift workers within an Organization. Staff members can be assigned to several Locations, Departments, and/or Staff Groups. Staff members can use Koroid to view and manage their schedule and availability.

  • People in this role: Nurse, Surgeon, Janitor, Receptionist
  • Limited to managing own Shifts and Availability

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