Activate your Koroid Account

When added to Koroid you will receive an account activation email with further instruction.

Follow the email link to the Koroid Login Page. You will need to use your current Okta login information to continue.

Select the LOGIN WITH OKTA button to log in and activate your account.

Change Current Location

Information throughout Koroid is often linked to a specific Location. You can see your Current Location in the upper right corner from any screen.

To change your current location click on the Location name.

Select the Location you'd like to view, and click CHANGE.

You are only able to view Locations to which you are assigned.

Koroid Dashboard Overview

Note: The appearance of your Dashboard page is based on your User Role.

For Owners & Admins

The Dashboard is an actionable landing page giving you an overview of your Locations and Departments in Koroid. It displays two core metrics to help track efficiency across your organization:

  • Total Shifts & Percent Filled
  • Total Offers & Response Rate

Specific data for Shifts and Offers, by day or Location, can be seen when hovering over the bar graph and percentage gauge.

The date range for the current data is noted in the upper left corner of the dashboard. You can change the date range with the buttons: This Week, Next Week, This Month, Next Month.

You can use the ‘Sort By‘ menu to sort the order/ appearance of the Locations by different parameters including; Filled Shifts, Response Rate, Name.

To view the data of the Departments within an individual Location, select VIEW DEPARTMENTS beside the name of the Location.

To go back to all Locations view, select VIEW LOCATIONS.

For Managers & Staff

Managers: On the Dashboard you can see the current date, the Pending shift count, recent user logins, and all weekly shifts.

Staff: On the Dashboard page you can see the current date on the left side and a diagram of your weekly shifts on the right side.

Koroid Glossary

These are the definitions we use for the terminology in Koroid. If you don't see a term here, or are confused by something, please let us know.


  • Role for person(s) overseeing Location(s). Able to create and maintain users in roles of Manager and Staff.

Assign Shift

  • Adds a Shift to a Staff member's Shift Calendar. Only allowed when Staff member's Availability aligns with the Shift specifics.


  • Section of Profile page where Staff create blocks of time during which they prefer to work. Shifts that align with Staff availability can be assigned directly.

Cancellation Request

  • Staff assigned to a shift can request removal. These requests are subject to approval by a Manager.


  • Skills or qualifications used to manage shift requirements when scheduling.


  • The Koroid Web App landing page. Widgets will display pertinent information depending on your User Role.


  • Area of specialist care inside a hospital or clinic.

Employment Type

  • Indicates the hours per week that Staff are approved to work.

Job Title

  • Designations within Staff Groups to assign individual responsibilities. Often tied to particular Staff credentials.


  • An individual site, owned and operated by an Organization.


  • Role for person(s) creating and maintaining schedules for Departments and Staff Groups. Have access to editing and creating Staff.


  • A group that oversees multiple Locations.


  • Role designating the highest permission access and authority within Koroid. Able to create and maintain users in roles of Administrator, Manager, and Staff.


  • Settings that determine access to certain Koroid features.


  • Page that displays contact and work information.


  • Feature available to Manager for creating, assigning, and offering shifts at a chosen Location.


  • A scheduled period of work. Created for a specific date, time and Location.

Shift Calendar

  • View provided to Staff of their personal schedule.

Shift Offer

  • An invitation to fill an open shift that falls outside of a user's Availability.

Shift Request

  • The feature Managers use to add a Shift to the Schedule.


  • Shift workers within an Organization. Assigned to one or more Locations and have the most limited permissions.

Staff Group

  • A collection of Staff that share a job function. These can be further distinguished using Credentials.

Staffing Demand

  • A Koroid feature that allows Managers to create and fill recurring schedules.

User Roles

  • A designation that automatically limits permissions and access in Koroid.

Log In to Koroid

Note: You need an Okta account to use Koroid. Contact your Administrator to get set up, if you do not already have one.

Log in to the Koroid web or mobile app using your Okta account. This will bring you to your Koroid Dashboard.

Now you can access the main features of Koroid (User Roles limit certain access).

Current Timezone & Selection

In the top right corner, you will see the Current Timezone next to your Current Location, from any screen. All time associated parameters including Shifts and Availability will be displayed in your current time zone.

The Timezone Picker is responsible for setting your current timezone property and will control all dates/times within your users view.

Note: The “!” symbol in orange circle displayed on your current Timezone signifies that the selected Timezone does not match the Current location!

To change your current Timezone click on the Timezone value. Select the Timezone you'd like the time to be displayed in, and click CHANGE.

You are only able to view Timezones that correspond to the Locations you are assigned or administer. When creating a new user, their timezone gets pre-selected with the timezone of their current location.

Note: If for any reason there is no timezone selected, the first timezone from the user’s timezone list is automatically selected.

User Status

Users can be set as Active or Inactive by toggling a switch in the lower left corner of their profie pages. This allows Owners, Administrators, and Managers to turn these users from Active to Inactive and vice a versa. The time of last action performed on the toggle is displayed next to it.


Active Owners have full and complete access to Koroid.

Inactive Owners will no longer have access to any actions within Koroid. They will maintain view-only access.


Active Administrators can manage departments and run reports, etc. They will receive notifications and have full access to Koroid.

Inactive Administrators will no longer have access to any schedules or reports, and can not edit or add Departments or Staff Groups. They will not receive notifications but will maintain view-only access to their assigned pages.


Active Managers can create, assign, and offer shifts. They will receive notifications and have full access to Korod.

Inactive Managers will no longer have access to any scheduling. They will not receive notifications but will maintain view-only access to the Schedules, Users, Profile, and Staffing Demand pages.

Staff Members

Active Staff can be Assigned to and Offered shifts. They will receive notifications and have full access to Koroid.

Inactive Staff will no longer appear when assigning or offering shifts. They will not receive notifications but will have view-only access to their Profile and Shifts pages.

Note: Users with upcoming shifts can not be made inactive, they must complete these shifts, or be removed from them completely. Only inactive users can be deleted.

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