Cloud-based data-driven software built for logistics based comprehensive resource management utilizing AI in critical, complex industries such as Healthcare and Life Sciences.
Learn how Koroid can help to transform your organization.

The Problem

Current resource management and logistics systems are outdated. They fail to help produce the outcomes we need. They offer no data or feedback towards future deployment. They operate in silos, creating barriers to effective communication.

These systems of the past are keeping organizations from their future.

Our Solution

Koroid is a system-wide and outcome-focused software, built to grow with you. Track the interaction and intersection of your resources. Combine digital analysis and artificial intelligence with actionable data. Gain insight through machine learning and automation.

We help you give your organization the tools it needs to thrive moving forward.

Plan, Schedule, & Deploy

  • Structure and match resources to your changing needs.
  • Track availability and demand to put your resources towards their best use.
  • Utilize automation and communication tools to improve outcomes.

Your Data at Work

  • Create a comprehensive database for managing everything in one place.
  • Record the data you need where you need it, using custom fields.
  • Recognize resource overlaps and underutilization.

Measure & Compare Key Results

  • Understand the results of your resource interactions.
  • Gain valuable insights through forecasting or retrospective reporting.
  • Improve clinical, operational, and financial value through informed resource decisions.

Better Data = Better Outcomes

  • Draw on data and educational insights from multiple inputs.
  • Enable informed decision making and better outcomes.
  • Discover deeper insights by working past previous data barriers.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure & Security

  • Built for everywhere, accessible anywhere.
  • Data and tools that grow with your organization.
  • Extensive partnerships with the most secure and established service providers.