Using proprietary technology based on skill matching, demand pooling, crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence, Koroid enables healthcare providers to hire, manage staff, and resources in a flexible, efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner – ultimately leading to better quality care.

Koroid was built by a team of healthcare experts who believe patient-centered care should be at the core in all aspects of healthcare.

How it
All Works.

  • Effortlessly manage resources within your organization in a data driven manner.
  • Significantly reduce management and operational costs.
  • Improve operational, financial, and clinical outcomes.
  • Harness the power of data and AI to automate key processes.
  • Prepare your organization for the distributed, hybrid care, and resource management model of the future.

Healthcare Organizations

We understand your organization...

Healthcare organizations around the world are pressed for time and money. We get it. Current IT-systems and practices for staff and resource management are outdated, yet also costly. Healthcare organizations become reliant on contractors, who are driven by financial outcomes that are not online with the mission of healthcare.

By using cutting-edge technology, we allow organizations to focus on their core activities by eliminating incumbent technological barriers.

Healthcare Professionals

Because people have needs too...

Professionals are at the mercy of slow administrative systems in order to engage with healthcare providers. In the case of staffing, they're at the mercy of agencies that don't work in a way that fits our life and schedule. Transparency, flexibility and satisfaction are concepts that hard working healthcare professionals deserve.

Because we love what we do, we do everything for our patients. The system should do something for us: it is time to make scheduling convenient.