Experience the pinnacle of workforce optimization tailored for Healthcare. Koroid's cloud-based software leverages AI to revolutionize workforce planning, scheduling, and deployment, ensuring seamless alignment with capacity planning and the supply chain across the spectrum from physical to virtual care.
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Organization and drastically reduce cost, excel at operational efficiency and improve clinical outcomes with Koroid today.

The Problem

In healthcare, optimizing the deployment of the workforce is often a nightmareā€”leaving schedules uncertain and coordination disjointed. With critical staffing needs left unmet, planning and scheduling become a constant struggle. Moreover, these siloed systems hinder effective communication among healthcare teams, exacerbating staffing shortages and impacting patient care quality.

This pressing issue isn't just a hiccup; it's a fundamental obstacle to delivering the standard of care patients deserve.

Our Solution

Koroid offers a revolutionary suite of features designed to streamline workforce management and operational efficiency in healthcare across the physical and virtual healthcare spectrum. Our centralized dashboard provides unparalleled oversight of workforce engagements and key supply chain dependencies, while monitoring key drivers of supply and demand.

Leveraging AI-driven interactions, advanced workforce management tools, and intelligent shift planning, Koroid optimizes scheduling, matching shifts with staff availability and qualifications seamlessly.

Streamline, Organize, and Deploy Your Workforce

  • Strategically allocate and adjust resources to meet evolving demands.
  • Efficiently deploy workforce and resource wherever needed through an entirely digital flow.
  • Monitor availability and demand dynamics to optimize resource allocation effectively.

Harness the Power of Your Workforce Data

  • Establish a centralized database for comprehensive resource management.
  • Capture essential data points with customizable fields tailored to your needs.
  • Identify overlaps and areas of underutilization to maximize workforce efficiency.

Measure and Elevate Performance Metrics

  • Evaluate the impact of workforce interactions on key outcomes.
  • Extract valuable insights through proactive forecasting and retrospective analysis.
  • Enhance clinical, operational, and financial outcomes by making informed workforce decisions.

Unlocking Success with Enhanced Data Utilization

  • Harness a wealth of data sources and educational insights.
  • Drive informed decisions for superior outcomes.
  • Break through data barriers to reveal deeper insights.

Scalable and Secure for Your Growing Needs

  • Flexible infrastructure accessible globally.
  • Adapt data solutions to your organization's evolution.