Compliance Policy

Effective date: July 18, 2019

Koroid is committed to full compliance with all federal and state health care program requirements.

We have a comprehensive Compliance Program, which reflects both our mission and core values, while demonstrating our dedication to high quality customer service to facilitate quality patient care and integrity.

Koroid’s Ethical Code of Conduct sets the foundation that we need to maintain the trust of our partners, their employees, and the patients they serve. The Code provides tools that help us to ensure that our work is done in an ethical and legal manner. It also contains resources that can help you to get assistance when you believe the Code or our policies and procedures have been violated.

• • •

If you become aware of any such activity, you should immediately report it to your supervisor, another member of senior management at your facility, our corporate office (857)800-3600, or through our Contact Form.

The Koroid website allows you to make reports using your name, or anonymously if you choose. Whether you make a report on this website, via phone call, or through a staff member, you are protected against retaliation for reporting concerns or asking questions related to suspected or actual compliance violations.

• • •

Compliance is the responsibility of every member of Koroid’s community. We expect everyone’s actions to reflect the ethical standards set forth in our Code. By doing so, you are valued for helping us maintain Koroid’s reputation as a leader in the healthcare provider industry, and a model of professional integrity and compliance.

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