Code of Conduct

Effective date: July 18, 2019

Our Ethical Code of Conduct provides guidance for how we can carry out our mission and vision of the company. The Code reflects Koroid’s core values.

Our Code provides guidance for you so that you can respond properly when compliance-related issues arise. It is designed to assist you in the performance of your job within appropriate moral, ethical, and legal standards. The Code is not intended to cover every situation; it can help you to make the right decisions or ask the right questions moving forward. The Code and the associated Koroid policies and procedures apply to everyone (both partner and employee) within our community, including but not limited to:

  • Board Members
  • Officers
  • Employed & Non-Employed Staff
  • Partners
  • Partner Employees
  • Consultants & Contractors

• • •

Everyone at Koroid, and affiliates through partnerships are responsible for maintaining an ethical environment. Your actions in the workplace must demonstrate your commitment to honesty, integrity and accountability every day. Your job performance will be evaluated, in part, based on your compliance with the Code and with Koroid’s compliance-related policies and procedures.

Certain Koroid compliance policies are referenced in this Code. Please contact Koroid via phone, email, website contact form, or corporate office whenever you have questions about any compliance related issues. Koroid’s Human Resources staff also can provide guidance on workplace issues arising from the Code of Ethical Conduct and/or Koroid’s policies and procedures.

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