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Koroid Corporation Partners with Twilio to Enhance Communication Capabilities in Healthcare Logistics

Published By: Carl Gustaf Axelsson

May 9th, 2023

[Boston - April 27th, 2022] - Koroid Corporation, a leading provider of healthcare-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Twilio, the world's leading cloud communications platform. This collaboration will enable Koroid to enhance communication capabilities within its logistics management software, improving collaboration and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Koroid specializes in delivering comprehensive logistics management tools for healthcare organizations, including staffing management software, resource management software, organizational analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities. By partnering with Twilio, Koroid will integrate Twilio's powerful communication APIs into its software solutions, facilitating seamless communication and real-time collaboration among healthcare teams.

With Twilio's cloud communications platform, Koroid's software will enable healthcare professionals to communicate and coordinate efficiently, ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time. This will lead to improved patient care, streamlined operations, and reduced administrative overhead for healthcare organizations.

"We are excited to partner with Twilio to enhance communication capabilities within our logistics management software," said Andrew Schwartz, CTO of Koroid Corporation. "By leveraging Twilio's industry-leading communication APIs, we can enable healthcare professionals to communicate effortlessly and efficiently, ultimately improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency."

In addition to its collaboration with Twilio, Koroid Corporation is proud to be affiliated with other esteemed startup programs, including Google Cloud, AWS, MongoDB, and Nvidia. These partnerships demonstrate Koroid's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize healthcare logistics management.

To learn more about Koroid Corporation and its healthcare logistics management software, please visit their website at https://koroid.com.

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Carl Gustaf AxelssonI am the CEO of Koroid, a pioneering healthcare startup leveraging AI to enhance healthcare logistics. As a Harvard Business School alumnus, I combine deep industry expertise with innovative technology to revolutionize patient care.
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