Koroid FAQ’s

1What is Koroid?
Founded by a team of medical doctors, clinicians, healthcare executives and software innovators, Koroid is a system-wide approach to resource management and logistics. We enable healthcare providers to source, manage, and to utilize staff and resources in a flexible, efficient, cost-effective and safe manner – ultimately leading to better quality care and improved, measurable outcomes, i.e. true patient-focused, outcome-based and value-driven resource management that can scale with demand. Using proprietary technology based on skill matching, demand pooling, resource sharing & bundling and artificial intelligence, Koroid enables healthcare providers to source, manage and deploy staff and resources in a flexible, efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner – ultimately leading to better quality care and improved, measurable outcomes: true patient-focused, outcome-based and value driven resource management. Healthcare needs to be able to scale to demand and deploy when demand occurs. This can only be can only be achieved through proactively understanding supply and demand and having a solution that can deploy the best-suited resources where needed, in a smart manner.
2What problems does Koroid solve?
The process of managing the most important resources we have in healthcare, such as staff, commonly involves multiple modes of communication and paperwork, which is both time intensive and error-prone. In addition, due to lack of actionable data, administrators have little or no insight into the dynamics of supply and demand for particular resources, and how these can be optimized to achieve the ideal outcomes. Koroid eliminates uncertainty, allowing seamless indication of availability, searching for available shifts, signing of timesheets, and communication with HR and managers through the use of our cloud-based, modern platform.
3How do we do it?
By seamlessly digitalizing and automating aspects of the staff and resource management process, as well as providing a wealth of predictive analytics and AI based on our proprietary algorithms, we aim to hand back control to healthcare institutions for both immediate and future planning of resources. Depending on the needs of our partner organizations, we also offer educational modules, more advanced scheduling predictive features, artificial intelligence, and a multidisciplinary component. We use the most modern, efficient and compliant (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR) technologies and our cloud-based approach enables seamless implementation and integration with existing systems.
4Who are we?
The Koroid team is a multi-national and diverse team composed of medical doctors, clinicians, healthcare executives & managers, technologists and designers who are passionate to improve patient care through the smart use of technology across the spectrum of patient care. With deep experience from the frontline of healthcare and the life sciences, we are well acquainted with the frustrations involved in the administrative process, project management and resource management, but also acutely aware of how modern technology could be used to truly help.
5How can I get in touch to learn more?
We would love to connect to discuss Koroid and how we can help! Please use the contact form here to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to connecting!